A new phase – the “question” phase

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I’ve decided it’s official. We are now in the “question” phase.

“Is this the horse from Gramma Nancy and Grampa Bob?”

Well, yes it is, and she knew that before she asked the question! I’m not sure what’s going on when she asks questions like that. Confirming that what she thought is indeed the truth? I’ll have to find out.

I got my first string of questions today.

“Where’s Aunty Linda?” “She’s in Dallas.”

“Where’s Dallas?” “It’s north of us.”

“Where’s north?” Uhh…. “It’s that way” didn’t work very well.

“Were’s Dallas?” “In Texas.”

“Where’s Texas?” “In North America?”

“Where’s North America?” “It’s on the planet ‘Earth’.”

At that point, did she get distracted by something else?

Kids and Life

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So Emma took a little tumble off a curb while we were at an event downtown Saturday.

Turns out she broke her tibia, near her ankle. She’s been fussy, as one would expect (especially considering the cold and borderline ear infection.)

But she’s also been quite sweet and accepting of the situation.

I’m finding out that dealing with stuff like this is just taking one moment at a time. It sounds really bad to family or friends, but when we’re enmeshed in the situation, it seems quite organic and natural.

Kinda weird. But nice to know, too. One day at a time.

I found it particularly interesting the other day – we took a nap together (“in mommy and daddy’s bed”). At one point, she told me a story about her day; she fell down, hurt her foot, the doctor listened to her chest, and made her foot feel better.

That was pretty cool!

Exciting new things

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She starts her new pre-school next week – the one for which we’ve been on the waiting list for nearly two years. We think she’s going to do very well, and we think that the school’s philosophy, experiential learning, through play, is going to work very well for Emma.

The other exciting thing that’s been fun to watch develop is her imagination; she’s been seeing doggies in a piece of bread, seals (or frogs) in a slice of orange, and today, by turn, she saw a screwdriver, hammer, or toucan in some Magz magnetic building toys she was playing with at Terra Toys here in Austin.

Though Mommy might not believe it, sometimes a piece of macaroni and cheese is more than just a piece of macaroni and cheese.

Pronoun weirdness

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So the girly girl refers to herself as “you”. And she refers to daddy as “I”. So, for example, “I pick you up” means “Daddy pick me up.”

Well I read that it’s a sign of autism. Except, we know she’s not autistic.

I supposed I screwed up when I decided I wouldn’t talk to her in the third person, instead using “You” and “I.” Well, of course, then, she’d think that she is “you” and I am, well, “I.” (Mommy is not “I”.

But seriously – how do you explain the relative nature of “You” and “I” to kids just learning language? I figured it’d just work itself out.

So now we’re trying to get the point across that she should use “I” when referring to herself. If she tells us “You have two spoons,” I’ll say, “when Emma is talking about herself, she can say ‘I have two spoons.'” And the wife will say “Emma, you should say ‘I have two spoons.'”

I’m not sure which approach will work – I suppose mine will win out, simply because it’s the one she’ll hear the most.

On the other hand, I’m the reason she’s confused.

Emma Vocabulary

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This post is for Gra’ma ‘ancy:

Elasant – Elephant
Sudzy – Fuzzy, i.e. whipped cream from the can.
I – Daddy. (As in “I help you.” i.e. “Daddy help Emma.”)
You – Emma. (As in “I help you.” i.e. “Daddy help Emma”)
Compuner – Computer
Wuffabo – Buffalo
Goggie – Doggie
Guck – Duck
Cheh-er – Cheddar, the name of one of her gucks.
Ti-ee tat – Kitty Cat
‘at – That. As in “You ‘an’ ‘at.” i.e. “I want that.”
Pa-ee – Potty
Carwick – we have no idea, but she requests this story a lot.
Taoch (rhymes with “couch”) – Couch.
‘axe-a-sone – Saxaphone
‘eep – Sheep

Society reaps what it sows in nurturing its children

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Society reaps what it sows in nurturing its children. Whether abuse of a child is physical, psychological, or sexual, it sets off a ripple of hormonal changes that wire the child’s brain to cope with a malevolent world. It predisposes the child to have a biological basis for fear, though he may act and pretend otherwise. Early abuse molds the brain to be more irritable, impulsive, suspicious, and prone to be swamped by fight-or-flight reactions that the rational mind may be unable to control. The brain is programmed to a state of defensive adaptation, enhancing survival in a world of constant danger, but at a terrible price. To a brain so tuned, Eden itself would seem to hold its share of dangers; building a secure, stable relationship may later require virtually superhuman personal growth and transformation.

— Dr. Martin Teicher