The Frog and the Panda – A Story by Emma

April 21, 2008 by
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This is a story Emma told yesterday (with some slight editorial license to tighten up the plot a little bit):

Deep in the jungle, there lived a frog and a panda. They were a happy family.

But one day, a scary ghost came. It was Duck, pretending to be a ghost!

Frog and Panda ran and ran. When they got to a river, Frog hopped across the lily pads and Panda swam.

They ran through the forest, until they met a pile of mean and nasty bears.

They kept running down the road until they met Wormy Churmy, and they all hid in a leaf bush.

Duck, still dressed as the ghost came and scared the bears, and they ran and hid in a bigger leaf bush.

Frog and Panda put on some sheets, and scared Duck!

Everyone went home and got in bed and pulled their covers over their heads and went to sleep.


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  1. Shannon on Mon, 21st Apr 2008 11:58 am
  2. The next Rudyard Kipling…

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