Some observations about Birdwell Island

August 6, 2007 by
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The improbability of Clifford the Big Red Dog’s size aside (and, oh yeah, the talking dogs), I’ve noticed some an interesting thing about the denizens of Birdwell Island:

  •  Dr. Din is apparently single
  • Charley’s dad, Samuel is  apparently single
  • Cleo’s owner is apparently single
  • Sheriff Lewis is apparently single
  • Jetta’s mom is apparently single, and has two children!
  • Birdwell Island’s librarian is apparently single

In fact, of the characters on the show, only Emily Elizabeth’s parents and the their neighbors, the Bleakmans, can be confirmed to be married. Although their teacher did get engaged…and moved off the island.

What is it about Birdwell Island that makes it so hard for its residents to get or stay married?


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