Emma Blogging: PT at Miss Kerri’s House (Noon)

May 31, 2007 by
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This is Emma getting some physical therapy with Miss Kerri.

This is the first time she’d stood up on the swing. She was choosing the color of ball, which Kerri would place on the swing. Emma would pick up the ball, Kerri would spin her to face the frog, and Emma would throw the ball into the frog’s mouth.

The goal was to challenge Emma’s balance (part of the initial diagnosis was “gravitational insecurity.”) Emma did quite well with this excersize, and even challenged herself by holding on to two ropes and wiggling back and forth to make the swing move. Kerri was surprised and please to see Emma do that.

We take her to Children’s Therapeutics, and we’re quite pleased with Emma’s progress, and the level of professionalism and the care she gets.


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