I $h!t you not…

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“Where’s Aunty Linda?”


“Where’s Dallas?”


“Where’s Texas?”

“It’s in the United States.”

“Where’s the United States?”

“It’s in North America.”

“Where’s North America?”

“It’s on the planet Earth.”

“Where’s the planet Earth?”

“It’s in the solar system.”

“Where’s the solar system?”

“In the Milky Way.”

“Where’s the Milky Way?”

“In the universe.”

“Where’s the universe?”
“There universe is everything. It holds everything.”

Believe it or not, she stopped this line of questioning. I didn’t want to have to get all cosmological on her.

Like I know what that means.


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  1. Barrie on Sat, 21st Apr 2007 12:23 pm
  2. I tend to get out the google maps page and point. “There is Auntie Heidi’s house.” End of line of questions for about an hour.

    Or, I give too much explanation.

    “What’s that?”

    “A cloud, which is an aggregation of water vapor, heated until it hits the upper aptmosphere, congregates into a semi-solid, and under certain conditions, is cooled enough to form droplets, at which point it seperates and becomes rain drops.”


    End of Conversation. LOL

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