A new phase – the “question” phase

April 20, 2007 by
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I’ve decided it’s official. We are now in the “question” phase.

“Is this the horse from Gramma Nancy and Grampa Bob?”

Well, yes it is, and she knew that before she asked the question! I’m not sure what’s going on when she asks questions like that. Confirming that what she thought is indeed the truth? I’ll have to find out.

I got my first string of questions today.

“Where’s Aunty Linda?” “She’s in Dallas.”

“Where’s Dallas?” “It’s north of us.”

“Where’s north?” Uhh…. “It’s that way” didn’t work very well.

“Were’s Dallas?” “In Texas.”

“Where’s Texas?” “In North America?”

“Where’s North America?” “It’s on the planet ‘Earth’.”

At that point, did she get distracted by something else?


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