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March 5, 2007 by
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So Emma took a little tumble off a curb while we were at an event downtown Saturday.

Turns out she broke her tibia, near her ankle. She’s been fussy, as one would expect (especially considering the cold and borderline ear infection.)

But she’s also been quite sweet and accepting of the situation.

I’m finding out that dealing with stuff like this is just taking one moment at a time. It sounds really bad to family or friends, but when we’re enmeshed in the situation, it seems quite organic and natural.

Kinda weird. But nice to know, too. One day at a time.

I found it particularly interesting the other day – we took a nap together (“in mommy and daddy’s bed”). At one point, she told me a story about her day; she fell down, hurt her foot, the doctor listened to her chest, and made her foot feel better.

That was pretty cool!


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