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She came up to me, holding a nail file up to the Snowman Weeble Wobble, and informed me that “‘nowman very taaall. ‘nowman very taaall.”

She was using the nail file as a ruler.

So I got her a ruler of her very own to measure the Snowman. While I was getting the ruler, she grabbed a stubby little screwdriver from the edge of the desk.

“You [I’m] going to screw Pooh,” she told me. “You going to screw Pooh.”

Not being able to help myself, I asked “What did Pooh ever do to you?”

What she wanted to do was use the screwdriver to take the batteries out of Sleepy Time Pooh, like she’s seen daddy do.

She just told me: “You try and screw Pooh.”

My daughter, the upper manager! I’m so proud!

Turns out Pooh is very taaaallll. He’s probably nineteen-teen, which is about what her temperature is when we check it. (Unless, of course, it’s 104…)

Last night, we discussed mommy’s and daddy’s names. “Where is Margaret?” she asked.


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