Picture of the Week

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Exciting new things

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She starts her new pre-school next week – the one for which we’ve been on the waiting list for nearly two years. We think she’s going to do very well, and we think that the school’s philosophy, experiential learning, through play, is going to work very well for Emma.

The other exciting thing that’s been fun to watch develop is her imagination; she’s been seeing doggies in a piece of bread, seals (or frogs) in a slice of orange, and today, by turn, she saw a screwdriver, hammer, or toucan in some Magz magnetic building toys she was playing with at Terra Toys here in Austin.

Though Mommy might not believe it, sometimes a piece of macaroni and cheese is more than just a piece of macaroni and cheese.

Pronoun weirdness

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So the girly girl refers to herself as “you”. And she refers to daddy as “I”. So, for example, “I pick you up” means “Daddy pick me up.”

Well I read that it’s a sign of autism. Except, we know she’s not autistic.

I supposed I screwed up when I decided I wouldn’t talk to her in the third person, instead using “You” and “I.” Well, of course, then, she’d think that she is “you” and I am, well, “I.” (Mommy is not “I”.

But seriously – how do you explain the relative nature of “You” and “I” to kids just learning language? I figured it’d just work itself out.

So now we’re trying to get the point across that she should use “I” when referring to herself. If she tells us “You have two spoons,” I’ll say, “when Emma is talking about herself, she can say ‘I have two spoons.'” And the wife will say “Emma, you should say ‘I have two spoons.'”

I’m not sure which approach will work – I suppose mine will win out, simply because it’s the one she’ll hear the most.

On the other hand, I’m the reason she’s confused.

Wants and Needs.

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Margaret: “Does Emma want some cookie?”

Emma: “Emma need some cookie.”

A Few Things I’ve Learned

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  • To a toddler, gratification delayed is gratification denied.
  • Distraction is a very useful tool, though it doesn’t always work.
  • A sharp retort at our toddler when she’s in the midst of a tantrum doesn’t do much good. Patience and a soothing voice work much better.
  • Before Emma joined us, I couldn’t imagine life with another small human being in the house. After Emma, I can’t imagine life without her.
  • Patience is a virtue…but it’s much much easier when one doesn’t put many expectations on the day, when there’s only one child, and when she’s generally pretty mellow, anyway.
  • DVR and Sesame Street; It’s a good thing.
  • Few things in life are better than cuddling one’s daughter.
  • Some Emma Funnies

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    She came up to me, holding a nail file up to the Snowman Weeble Wobble, and informed me that “‘nowman very taaall. ‘nowman very taaall.”

    She was using the nail file as a ruler.

    So I got her a ruler of her very own to measure the Snowman. While I was getting the ruler, she grabbed a stubby little screwdriver from the edge of the desk.

    “You [I’m] going to screw Pooh,” she told me. “You going to screw Pooh.”

    Not being able to help myself, I asked “What did Pooh ever do to you?”

    What she wanted to do was use the screwdriver to take the batteries out of Sleepy Time Pooh, like she’s seen daddy do.

    She just told me: “You try and screw Pooh.”

    My daughter, the upper manager! I’m so proud!

    Turns out Pooh is very taaaallll. He’s probably nineteen-teen, which is about what her temperature is when we check it. (Unless, of course, it’s 104…)

    Last night, we discussed mommy’s and daddy’s names. “Where is Margaret?” she asked.

    Emma Vocabulary

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    This post is for Gra’ma ‘ancy:

    Elasant – Elephant
    Sudzy – Fuzzy, i.e. whipped cream from the can.
    I – Daddy. (As in “I help you.” i.e. “Daddy help Emma.”)
    You – Emma. (As in “I help you.” i.e. “Daddy help Emma”)
    Compuner – Computer
    Wuffabo – Buffalo
    Goggie – Doggie
    Guck – Duck
    Cheh-er – Cheddar, the name of one of her gucks.
    Ti-ee tat – Kitty Cat
    ‘at – That. As in “You ‘an’ ‘at.” i.e. “I want that.”
    Pa-ee – Potty
    Carwick – we have no idea, but she requests this story a lot.
    Taoch (rhymes with “couch”) – Couch.
    ‘axe-a-sone – Saxaphone
    ‘eep – Sheep

    Picture of the Week

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    This is a new thing I’m trying out – High Dynamic Range photos.
    Yeah, this isn’t exactly photorealistic, and it’s kinda noisy…
    But I still kinda like the way it turned out.
    Say – got a recommendation for a good noise reduction plugin?