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So she’s started using the potty with more frequency – which is very good news, indeed.

Even better will be when she does it without being prompted. She’s not quite there yet.

And here’s something weird. She gets a treat after she uses the potty; Candy. (Or, as she says, “tandy.”)

Well, today, I gave her a licorice jellybean after she went potty. I told her that her greatgrandma Emma liked licorice. I’m not sure about the first one – she did eat it, but had that “I’m not sure about this, but I’m eating it anyway” or “I know this is ‘tandy’ so it’s supposed to be good…maybe if I chew long enough it will become good.” look. But when I asked if she wanted a licorice jellybean the second time, she did seem to enjoy it more.

She seems to like some rather pungently flavored foods; sauerkraut, dijon mustard and licorice. Maybe she won’t be as picky as Margaret and I.

And this is pretty funny…whoa! Hold up! She just told me “You wanna go poop and pee pee on your potty.”

Now…where was I? Oh, yeah. She picked up a random movie the other day, and said “You wanna watch a movie ’bout dis movie.” (Also, she calls any disc a DVD. In Costco the other day, she pointed at the movies and asserted that “Those are Dee-Vee-Dees.”)


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