Triptych: “You pway ‘axaphone wike Chawie Pahkeh”

August 4, 2006 by
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She picked up the fence from her “Little People” play sets, stuck it in her mouth, and said “You play saxophone like Charlie Parker.”

It makes a dad so proud! Where does she get these ideas? From a cute little board book, “Charlie Parker Parker Played Be-Bop” [ – though I don’t think this is the board book version].

playing the fencephone.
Alphabet alphabet, alphabet, alph

playing the fencephone.
Chickadee, chickadee, chickadee, chick

playing the fencephone.
Overshoes, overshoes, overshoes, o

A little while later, we chatted about Charlie Parker, jazz, and be-bop. I’m not sure she quite understood.

Reeti-footi, reeti-footi, reeti-footi, ree


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  1. andy on Mon, 7th Aug 2006 10:19 pm
  2. Great site…have three wonderful little ones myself. Sidebar question…how did you build your wiki site? I REALLY want to build one, or have one built myself. Would appreciate an email if you had time. Thanks, and great site.

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