In Memoriam: Edward Kennedy Ellington Cat, “Ellington”

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Summer, 1996 – May 19, 2006


The very last picture of Ellington

He was a good boy, with a sweet and gentle temperament, if a little skittish. He left strands of his handsome coat of long dark gray hair everywhere, most often, it seemed, when he sensed I was about to sneeze and he’d beat ass and boogie.

My wife didn’t always appreciate his vigorous purring, his pungent kitty breath, and his carefully placed hair on the furniture and carpet. I thought he purred at just the right volume, he was warm and soft, and it was sweet when I’d wake up and he’d be stretched out beside me. Of course, invariably, his head would be at my knees, and his ass pointed at my face, but, still, it was sweet in its own way.

Ellington was survived by T.C.

You will be missed, sweet boy.

Next to the Last Picture of Ellington

Next to the last picture of Ellington


One of the first pictures I took of Ellington with our digital camera. This is not quite a year after we moved to Austin.

Cats on the Bed 04.jpg

Cats wrestling on the bed in our Morado Cove apt. TC was, despite Ellington’s size advantage and youth, the Alpha Cat.


Picture 064.jpg


And a more peaceful picture on the same bed.




Ellington went through a phase where he couldn’t not play with TC’s tail.




For being so skittish, he tolerated Emma pretty well – though Emma heard (and hears) “Be gentle with the kitty” a lot.




Another of Emma and Ellington.




Hanging out with Grandpa Bob, who’s taking a nap.




One of Ellington’s favorite places – sitting beside me on the couch.


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