On Being a Man

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From psychologist Robert Brannon [with commentary from me]:

1. “NO SISSY STUFF!” — One may never do anything that even remotely suggests femininity. Masculinity is the RELENTLESS repudiation of the feminine. [Right! I’ll have another Shirley Temple, please!]

2. “BE A BIG WHEEL” — Masculinity is measured by power, success, wealth and status. [Say, someone got an extra baby wipe?]

3. “BE A STURDY OAK” — Masculinity depends on remaining calm and reliable in a crisis, holding emotions in check. In fact, proving you’re a man depends upon never showing your emotions at all (except anger). [And an extra tissue? I always cry at the end of “Beaches”.]

4. “GIVE ‘EM HELL” — Exude a aura of manly daring and aggression. Go for it. Take risks. [I’d prefer not to try scotch, thanks. I’ll just have another Shirley Temple. And a tissue.]