A Rather Uncharitable Look at Stay @ Home Dads…by a stay @ home dad

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Stay at home dads are a weird bunch of people. There are two types. Some Dads have earned the privilege and can afford to stay at home and others live off their wife’s income. I earned the privilege in my thirties and now I am 44. My daughter is two. After responding in a Christian way to that personal attack. I read and responded to other e-mails.

Updated: This guy is a stay at home dad, and, well, just visit the link to his blog, and read his profile. You’ll see.

I have a difficult time understanding how I don’t deserve to be a stay at home dad because I ain’t rich. We get by. I suppose I should be working, and our daughter should be raised for 8 hours a day by someone else.

How’s that for family values? He is one of that group of people who do blather on so about family values, right? We put family values in practice, and this guy thinks I haven’t earned the privelege to stay home with my daughter. I have a word for someone like that, but I won’t use them on this blog.

Another Update: Drag. Gerald Grantham has deleted his blog, and it’s been taken over by a blog spammer. Or whatever you call someone who finds recently deleted blogs and uses their names to drive traffic to objectionable sites.

The guy didn’t even let archive.org crawl it. He must be getting ready to run for Congress, or something.