Development: Sign Language

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I mentioned that we’ve been trying to teach Emma sign langage.

Today I tried adding “banana” and “grapes”.

We’ve been using “fish” (which I’ve combined with “cracker” to symbolize “goldfish crackers”.)

And I also started using “hungry”, too.

The site where I get these signs is ASL Browser at the Michigan State University Communication Technology Laboratory.

Updates? We don’t need no steenkin’ updates!

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Cripes. Since December I haven’t updated the blog portion? ‘S OK. There’s pictures and stuff.

But what’s happened in the last one, two, three, four, four and a half months?

Well, she’s walking all over, all by herself. Getting better at navigating steps. Today she showed me multiple times how good she is at getting up on the couch all by herself.

We’ve been teaching her some signs – or trying to. She knows the sign for “duck,” “bath,” “more,” and two others I can’t remember at the moment. Oh, “milk.”

She says “quack quack,” but not “duck.” She says “bubble,” but only when I try to get her to blow. Or I blow bubbles myself. She has said “clock,” “horse,” and “doggie,” but only once. There’s lots of little babbles and stuff she says, that don’t seem to mean anything. She says “da-da,” but it still seems pretty random. Oh, “ball,” but just once or twice.

She knows who mommy, daddy and Emma are. She knows where her toes, feet, knees, ears, cheeks, chin, mouth, tongue, nose, head and hair are. Today, we discussed the opposable thumb, and fingers. She still doesn’t get eyes all the time.

She knows what lots of stuff is, but can’t say it. We can ask her to bring us any number of her toys, and she will. But she won’t say their names. She even picked up Eeyore and Nemo without any particular effort on our part.

We’ve been taking her to a speech therapist, because our pediatrician was concerned that Emma:

– Didn’t really have any words.
– Wouldn’t bring us things when we asked her to do so.
– Didn’t seem to realize when books she was looking at were upside down.

Everything seems to be fine – hearing, motor skills, awareness of what’s going on. She just isn’t talking. C’est la.

We’re not worried.

Oh – and the other word she signs is “done.”