Development: One more, er, step, closer to crawling

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In addition to discovering that she can:

A) Shift her viewpoint to see Eeyore when he’s hiding
2) Pull what Eeyore is hiding behind out of the way to see him

She’s getting quantifiably better at the army crawl, and was very close to a full crawl this afternoon.

When do I get the leash? KIDDING! I kid. I’m just kidding.

Development: Emma Update

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She did something new today – not earthshaking, but new.

I was playing hide and seek with a little worm rattle, hiding him behind one of her toys. She got smart, and started moving the toy out of the way to find the rattle. OK, so I was rattling it, but still.

Still no crawling proper, but she’s doing a pretty good army crawl.

Teething is not too bad. She’s not been too terribly cranky, much to my relief.

Development: Emma Update

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Emma writes:

y6hyijmujmfv sb ,l b v vyhcdAQ

Speaking of Emma. She’s officially teething, and is a little cranky about it.

She’s also doing a pretty good job of sitting up by herself. She still doesn’t like it when she falls backwards, though, unless it’s on mommy and daddy’s bed.

And she’s getting ever so closer to crawling. She’s just got to figure out how to move both legs, and hands in the proper succession.

She’s already started reaching up and pulling things off the coffee table. She got the camera the other day.

Development: She’s Getting Closer to Crawling…

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I can see she’s trying to put one knee in front of the other, and soon, she’ll be crawling across the floor. (Extra points to whomever can get the reference.)

She’s figured out she can pull down the bumpers we have up to see over them. It won’t be long till she is four wheeling right over them.

How long till she tries to do a header out of her crib?

Yikes! Time to lower the mattress.

Boy are My Arms Tired

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We just got back from flying with her for the first time. And boy, are my arms tired. Bah-dumb-dumb.

At 8 monhts, she did well on the plane. We made sure to have bottle and/or juice and pacifier at the ready. She cried as we started descents both legs heading up, but did great coming back. Working my DaddyFu, I was able to shush her to sleep both times, so she slept through the landing. Including the DaddyFu in the airport during lay over, I think I’m still behind on manna points.

Her favorite part of flying was circling through the bumpy weather at Dallas/Ft. Worth yesterday. We hit a particularly bumpy spot. Mommy and Daddy didn’t enjoy it, but she had a great big grin on her face. Uppsie Doodle at 20K feet! Wheeeee!

We took a car seat with us, as we’d purchased a seat for her. I highly recommend that, rather than keeping them on your lap. It can be difficult if they start squirming around, the plane can’t land, it’s a bumpy ride and you can’t get up and you have a full bladder. Tickets are only half price.

I also recommend packing everything you need, then leaving behind half of your stuff. It’ll make carrying the kid’s stuff through the air port a lot easier. You won’t get a chance to listen to the iPod anyway. And you’re on vacation! Why do you need that laptop?

Oh. And Airplanes, against all expectations, don’t have anchors for car seats. Would that make things easier? Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss. Dolts.