Genealogy: Adding Genealogy Module to the site (Update)

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I am working on adding a genealogy module to the website.

I tried last night, and busted things for a while, till I figured out what was breaking things.

Wish me luck, eh?

The module is installed, and there’s data there, but…

I’m trying once more to import the family tree data. Previous imports have left spouses disconnected. One more time before I hit the website for tech support.

Development: Months Seven and Eight

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By the end of month seven a baby typically:

  • Can self-feed some finger foods
  • Makes wet razzing sounds
  • Turns in the direction of a voice
  • Plays peekaboo
  • Imitates many sounds
  • Distinguishes emotions by tone of voice

By the end of month eight a baby typically:

  • Chews on objects
  • Reaches for utensils when being fed
  • Turns head away when finished eating
  • May sleep between 11 and 13 hours a night; takes 2 to 3 naps (may vary)
  • Rolls all the way around
  • Sits unsupported
  • Gets on arms and knees in crawling position
  • Has specific cries for various needs
  • Babbles enthusiastically
  • Tests gravity by dropping objects over edge of high chair
  • Responds to own name
  • Has different reactions for different family members
  • Shows some anxiety when removed from parent

At the beginning of month seven she is:

Turning in the direction of a voice, is trying to imitate sounds, reaches for utensils (beginning to do so), chews on objects, is rolling from back to tummy and started yesterday rolling more from tummy to back, is close to getting on arms and knees, babbles enthusiastically, and can perform complex proofs of obscure mathematical concepts in her head.

Nursery Rhymes: Old King Cole

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Old King Cole
Was a merry old soul,
And a Merry old soul was he…

He called for his pipe
And he called for his bowl
And then Castle Security showed up because there’s no smoking in a public space…

Poetry: Eldorado – Edgar Allen Poe

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This has a good beat.

by Edgar Allan Poe

Gaily bedight,
A gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
Had journeyed long,
Singing a song,
In search of Eldorado.

But he grew old-
This knight so bold-
And o’er his heart a shadow
Fell as he found
No spot of ground
That looked like Eldorado.

And, as his strength
Failed him at length,
He met a pilgrim shadow-
“Shadow,” said he,
“Where can it be-
This land of Eldorado?”

“Over the Mountains
Of the Moon,
Down the Valley of the Shadow,
Ride, boldly ride,”
The shade replied-
“If you seek for Eldorado!”

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