Development: Emma Update

May 19, 2004 by · Leave a Comment
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She’s now officially grabbing anything within her reach. Glasses. Hair (even chest hair.) Toys.

Which, of course, explains the stack of items under her chin during tummy time. Apparently, she wants it all…which bodes ill, perhaps, as I’d like to not raise a habitual consumer.

Mommy finally got to see Emma roll over. Again, she seemed to have done it by accident, rather than by design.

She’s turning herself 90 degrees in bed at night.

And, she’s starting on number two foods this afternoon. Corn and Sweet Potatoes.

I hate to do that to her, but at least it’s not peas, which she will have a bite or two of, kinda gag, swallow, then open wide for another bite.

She’s a trooper, I guess.